NFLPA’s George Atallah Interview w/ Exavier Pope on #SuitUP Podcast

NFLPA Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs

NFLPA Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs

The NFLPA has grown mightily since its inception in 1956.

NFLPA Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs joined the #SuitUP Podcast on the #BestDressedPodcast Network to discuss a variety of issues.

  1. On DeflateGate and vindication of union being initially criticized for defending New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:

“It proved the merits of our case were strong. Most people looked at the case and looked at the high judicial standards of overturning arbitrations opposed to the merits of the Brady case itself.”

  1. NFLPA vs NFL in court battling over the 2011 league’s collective bargaining agreement:

“Alot of things have changed since 2011…collective bargaining is an ongoing process… It’s a mistake to look at the CBA as a set in stone, inflexible document.”

  1. On the NFLPA grievance vs. the NFL on the alleged unilateral change in the personal conduct policy:

“We much rather have a situation where we negotiated with the league on a new personal conduct policy that was tough, transparent, and fair of everyone in the league. We don’t want want to be in a constant grievance and constant court cases…on the basic standards of due process and fairness…the ball is in their court at this point.”

  1. On little known NFLPA, Inc., the for-profit arm of NFLPA:

“There is a dedicated staff of 40-50 to maximize” the ability of NFL players to have a unique way to expand players’ brands.

  1. On a philosophy degree shaping how he deals with NFLPA issues and the impact of social meda:

“It is easy to be dragged into the tweet-by-tweet analysis…it helps to give me a guide to the big picture. You go back to guiding principles instead of episodes.”

  1. On the NFLPA’s evolution in protecting players over the years:

“Starting with the 2011 agreement, we revolutionized the way we deal with former players.”

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