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4 years ago, I started #positivechat on Twitter around conversations to impact our lives to build up our spirits and give us the power to pursue our God given purposes.

After several months, I realized although very engaging, there needed to be more than just a Twitter chat.

The spirit behind it lived in my inspirational morning posts on social media consisting of the following 3 principles:

Good Morning! I LOVE YOU! #agapeeveryday

Expect the very best TODAY! #beinspiredalways

POSITIVE > negative.

Although very powerful, the spirit continues to draw me to build something specifically to impact lives in a more direct, intangible, and action oriented way.

Last summer, I began #MondayMotivationforME to take the inspirational push behind #positivechat to a live call on Monday’s at lunch time.

Hundreds listened in. So much so, the lines got jammed and many would miss the call.

Understanding the impact had to go beyond just a few hundred to at least 10 million people, The Radical Inspiration Podcast was born.

The premise behind The Radical Inspiration Podcast was born out of inspiring not just a smile and feeling good for a few minutes, but of ACTION to accomplish the ultimate best destiny for our lives.

To do what Oprah says, align ourselves with God’s “flow” for our lives.

After living on solely for 3 months, The Radical Inspiration Podcast attracted the attention of international yoga, travel, adventure, cultural and special interest magazine Wanderlust Media.

The Radical Inspiration Podcast now visits there and is growing on many other platforms who desire to license, house and curate this unique and powerful content.

Click the below to find new episodes of The Radical Inspiration Podcast:

The Radical Inspiration Podcast w/ Exavier Pope on Wanderlust Media

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