I’ll be writing more in this space


This is me.

I’ll be writing more in this space.

Vibe with me.

I write so much on social media, platforms that make billions of dollars.

I share articles.

I give long running insights on Twitter.

I snap.

Heck, I’m on WordPress now.

Yes, I’m on WordPress, but it’s my website. It’s my brand.

I always think of things to share with the world, particularly my insights, inspiration, and more.

And I always think I have to do some sort of research, plan out my thoughts, and write this super engaged, long, insightful piece.

It’s what has kept be from blogging on this site for some time and pushing out my content on other sites instead.

After listening to this interview of successful serial entrepreneur, author, and speaker Seth Godin on the Tim Ferris Podcast (author of “The Four Hour Work Week”), I decided I’m going to put my thoughts here.

I don’t even care if I get one Like or Share to start out with.

I care about grabbing your attention through inspiration, information, and building your trust.

A community.

Before I get into that, let me tell you what I will talk about.

First, I’m a former foster kid, on my own at 14 in the inner city of South Side Chicago. I’ve defied tremendous odds (less than 3% of former foster youth go on to achieve a four year college degree, over 50% are homeless at 18, and a 1/3 of the US homeless population are former foster youth). I’m now a media personality, serial entrepreneur, own my own law firm, content creator, tastemaker, speaker, yogi, and humanitarian.

I may share insights about stories of my life, how that’s impacted me, and how that can help you, even if you’ve grown up living the king’s ransom.

In the end I don’t care about money. I care about success.

Success is what we’ve attained by the virtue of beating the 1 in 300-500 million chances of being the individual sperm in our fathers’ semen that reached our mothers’ eggs.

Success is in showing up and knowing we’ve already won.

So I’ll dive into what that means in relation to my journey, or where I am now.

I talk about the business, law, and wider societal impact in sports via my #SuitUP Podcast.

I am sharing quick bites about that.

I am sharing my yoga journey.

I am currently in yoga teacher training.

I love 90s hip hop music, and current hip hop music that’s worth my 90s hip hop snob ears.

I may discuss revisiting an album from 20 years ago, or something that just dropped.

I am gluten free, mostly dairy free (I won’t give up gelato and cheese), and only eat birds (I’m allergic to shellfish, so the smell of normal fish makes me coil), so I may talk about food I like.

I may share something inspirational.

I might write a poem.

My goal in this world is to impact and change the lives of 10 million people to pursue their God given purposes.

I think this post continues that discussion.

Subscribe to my posts by hitting the button that says “Follow” on the right side of your screen (or bottom if you’re reading on your mobile phone) that says “Follow Exavier Pope via Email.” Or, you can subscribe directly to my RSS feed if you’re into that.

I promise it’ll be worth it.

I might say a ton.

I might only drop one line.

This post is about me.

But then again, it’s about you.

As I bare myself to you, you bare yourself to me.

Together, we can make magic happen.

Not a hocus pocus magic.

But an elixir that binds us all together.

Peace. I LOVE YOU!

Your Friend,


Exavier B. Pope I, Esq. is an award winning attorney, on air legal analyst, media personality, Fortune 500 speaker, content creator, writer, tastemaker, thought leader, and yogi. Mr. Pope is the host of #SuitUP Podcast for his production company 528 Media Group, and a contributing writer and host of the Radical Inspiration Podcast distributed through Wanderlust/Yoganonymous. Mr. Pope has over 200+ appearances on air, including: international television on BBC and Al Jazeera English; national television on Fox News Channel, HLN, NBC Nightly News, Al Jazeera America, WGN Morning News, Fox Business Channel, and Huff Post Live; Top 3 Local Media Markets on Fox, CBS, and NBC; international radio on BBC Radio; national radio on ESPN Radio, Clear Channel Radio, NBC Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio; written and contributed digitally to The Hollywood Reporter, CNBC, Huffington Post, Jet, and Black Enterprise; and has appeared in other media outlets nationally and internationally. Mr. Pope is represented by top media and literary agency RLR Associates.

© 2016, Exavier B. Pope I, Esq., 528 Media Group.

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