I Shine, You Shine


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I shine; you shine.


“Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, But the hand of the diligent makes rich.” – Proverbs 10:4


“The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” – Confucius


“I shine, you shine” – Smiff N Wessun


Practically every day I tweet and send the status update “Expect the very best TODAY! #beinspiredalways” with a tailored message to express the sentiment behind the mantra.

I’ve been doing this for over five years.

I started doing it not knowing exactly why, but I did have a powerful tug communicating to me it would help many people.

Not because of me, but because of some higher purpose beyond me. Every morning I wake up excited to be alive.

However, I feel a pull of a range of many emotions, some so strong I feel like crying.

Sometimes I have cried. I always know those emotions have nothing to do with my personal journey.

I may see a broken heart, a job loss, a parent dying, anguish over bills, suffering over miscommunication with children, or general malaise of a feeling of being “stuck” in life.

It’s my spirit connected to all things, people, and situations embracing others and their journeys and feeling empathy.

It’s the same spirit that lives in me, surrounds me, and that has created us all. I don’t ignore those sensations.

I speak to them.

Actually, I feel compelled to.

That is what has drawn you here.

I feel you. I sense you. I know you.

Me, Exavier Pope, my ego doesn’t personally know you.

That would be absurd. I’m a human being with flesh and blood just like you.

I mean the “I” as in the great I AM knowing you.

So, it has been that powerful, eternal, creative, magnetizing force I have diligently spoke from, knowing my words may touch, impact, and change others’ lives for the better.

Have you ever had a “flash” where you felt something was wrong with someone in your life, you called them and instantly they started telling you something was up?

Have you experienced a sinking feeling in your stomach and couldn’t sleep and suddenly the phone rings with bad news?

Have you ever been intensely stressed about a situation, decided to let it go, had an amazing day, and then received amazing news?

Have you ever spent time with someone you just met and you felt like you’ve known them for years?

That’s the energy I speak from.

Your journey I legitimately care about, whether I know you or not.

We are all impacted by one another’s actions on this Earth, whether we know it or not.

Next time you are walking down the street, stop, close your eyes, take a very deep breath, let the breath out slowly, then reopen your eyes.

Notice everything and everyone around you.

Up until that point, the lives of others milling about their days were background noise, the buildings just filler and scenery.

Now, you recognize the walk sign is there precisely because of everyone walking to and fro to these buildings.

The buildings are where some of these people work.

The restaurant and coffee shop are across the street because people need a place to eat who work in the buildings.

Now imagine if one of these things were off kilter.

The traffic light broke. The building was under construction.

The restaurant ran missed a supplier delivery and ran out of a menu item.

Someone passed out in the street.

Everyone would notice.

Society itself is a silent agreement between people who may never meet one another about how daily life should be.

Now think about how sacred that is.

We can either harm each other by agreement, or help one another.

So it is with great diligence I pour out my soul to bless the world and I have honed that message, sharpened my tool over time to be the most effective.

It makes me rich.

I don’t mean from a financial standpoint, although the benefits of enriching ourselves mentally and spiritually brings financial fruits and indeed my life and career has been enhanced monetarily by spreading my message.

I’m not afraid to shine my light. In doing so, it has enriched me.

In shining my light, it helps you to shine yours.

I shine, you shine.

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Exavier B. Pope I, Esq. is an award winning attorney, on air legal analyst, media personality, Fortune 500 speaker, content creator, writer, tastemaker, thought leader, and yogi. Mr. Pope is the host of #SuitUP Podcast for his production company 528 Media Group, and a contributing writer and host of the Radical Inspiration Podcast distributed through Wanderlust/Yoganonymous. Mr. Pope has over 200+ appearances on air, including: international television on BBC and Al Jazeera English; national television on Fox News Channel, HLN, NBC Nightly News, Al Jazeera America, WGN Morning News, Fox Business Channel, and Huff Post Live; Top 3 Local Media Markets on Fox, CBS, and NBC; international radio on BBC Radio; national radio on ESPN Radio, Clear Channel Radio, NBC Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio; written and contributed digitally to The Hollywood Reporter, CNBC, Huffington Post, Jet, and Black Enterprise; and has appeared in other media outlets nationally and internationally. Mr. Pope is represented by top media and literary agency RLR Associates.

© 2016, Exavier B. Pope I, Esq., 528 Media Group.


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3 replies

  1. This was a great word, which I can relate to. I’ve long felt this connection to people, strangers too, and have this intense ability to empathize with people. Often, depending on the situation and emotion, it can feel very overwhelming. So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this energy, this connection, so that this gift is put to good use. During these moments, I’m reminded that long ago I asked God to allow me to love others as He loves them, (but you know, within my human capabilities, because no one loves like God loves) . Oh why did I do that! lol. I had NO clue what I was asking God for. When I do feel so overwhelmed, I sometimes find myself deliberately counteracting it with detachment, being aloof in order to be desensitized. I dislike that feeling even more. I don’t want to feel that it’s a burden, but instead a gift and be able to use it for God’s purpose.

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    • Thank you marbar, I am thankful for your comments. I think it is powerful we feel one another. It’s something worth tapping into. The sensitivity of others has plenty of responsibility to it, so it is mostly important to hone those areas where we are helping people and be good stewards of the positions we hold.


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