#SuitUP Podcast Ep 15 – WaPo Polling Manager on Redskins Poll; Vox.com Producer on Legendary Hip Hop Lyricism; Cincinnati Zoo Animals at Reds Games

#BestDressedManOnTV hosts another action packed episode of the #SuitUP Podcast.

#BestDressedManOnTV hosts another action packed episode of the #SuitUP Podcast.

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#SuitUP is a news magazine and variety program that covers the business, law, and wider societal perspectives behind sports delivered with style, pop culture, and positive sports stories not seen anywhere. We cover the suits off the field for that guys who suit up on the field, to the suits in the boxes. We bring the heat and we slice it like deli meat!

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Baylor University investigated itself, and we await further fallout. (Jerome Miron/USA TODAY)

Why college football fans will forget about the transgressions of Ole Miss and Baylor the next time the two teams play August 2020 and what it means for college athletics

Exavier opens #SuitUP Podcast with a powerful opening argument on the state of college athletics based on the recent scandals appearing to rock the campuses of Ole Miss and Baylor and how they don’t really move the needle for most fans unless fans hold NCAA member institutions accountable.


Redskins helmet 2

The Washington Post released a poll that has caused controversy. It would have done so no mater which way it came out. (Photo: NFL/Washington Redskins)

Washington Post Polling Manager explains polling methodology of controversial Post poll revealing 9 out of 10 Native Americans not being offended by Washington team name “Redskins”

Exavier  discusses with Scott Clement, Polling Manager for The Washington Post what steps the Post took to acquire data from the Native American community. Clement also explains why the Post’s poll is unrelated to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder  and NFL corporate interests, as is claimed in a statement in response to the poll by the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA).


MF Doom

MF Doom is one of the greatest hip hop lyricists of all time and is worth studying. (Photo: MF Doom)

Rapping deconstructed – Lyricism from A+ to YZ

Exavier talks with Vox.com web producer Estelle Caswell and hip hop lyricist expert Martin Connor on a video Vox.com created deconstructing the lyrics of some of the best rhymers in hip hop history. Kurtis Blow, Rakim, Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar were studied by the video. Exavier chops it up over which artists the video forgot and the discussion goes in depth on how hip hop lyricism can be studied along classical music.



Cincinnati Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in America. The death of gorilla Harambe brings into question of whether the Cincinnati Reds baseball organization should remain neutral or go through several events with the zoo on June 6th at the zoo or at the Great American Ballpark where the Reds play June 27th (Photo: Cincinnati Zoo)

Why the Cincinnati Reds should seriously consider postponing June events with the Cincinnati Zoo

Exavier explores the history of the purpose of zoos, connects zoo’s modern evolution to the death of an endangered gorilla at the zoo, and why that death brings into question the fallout for the Cincinnati Reds involvement with the zoo so soon after the tragic incident.

#SuitUP Playlist

#SuitUP Podcast playlist is a hotness infusion, always weaving the topics at hand with the theme and subject matter of the show and each segment. This week’s playlist:

Jidenna –  Classic Man (Regular  show intro)
Big Punisher – Beware  (regular Opening Statements intro)
Lords of the Underground – Chief Rocka
Method Man and Redman – Y.O.U. 
Mic Geronimo – Master I.C.
Apache – Gangsta B!+c#
MF Doom – Accordian
Oukast – Fresh and Clean
The Breaks – Kurtis Blow
Eric B. & Rakim – Microphone Fiend
Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize
Notorious B.I.G. – Unbelievable
Eminem – Stan
Eminem – Lose Yourself
Black Star (featuring Mos Def & Talib Kweli) – Defintion
Mos Def (featuring Slick Rick) – Auditorium
UGK (featuring Three Six Mafia) – International Players Anthem
Jay – Z (featuring Bun B) – Big Pimpin’
MF Doom – Great Day
MF Doom – Raid
Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis
Nas – Nas Is Like
The Roots – Concerto of the Desperado
Ghostface Killa – Poisonous Darts
Aesop Rock – Dorks
Jean Grae – Style Wars
Mobb Deep (featuring Lil’ Kim) – Quiet Storm
Lauryn Hill – Everything is Everything
2 Chainz – No Lie
Kanye West – Runaway
Group Home – Livin’ Proof
Little Brother – Still Lives Through
Pete Rock (featuring Kurupt & Inspector Deck) – Tru Master
Public Enemy – Shut ‘Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
Rick Ross (featuring John Legend) – Magnificent (regular outro)
The Roots –Do You Want More?!!!??!  (Regular Post Credits)

Disclaimer: (All opinions expressed by #SuitUP guests are theirs solely and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Exavier B. Pope I, Esq., #SuitUP Podcast, #BestDressePodcast Network, or 528 Media Group.)

Exavier B. Pope I, Esq. is an award-winning attorney, on-air legal analyst, media personality, Fortune 500 speaker, content creator, writer, tastemaker, thought leader, and yogi. Mr. Pope is the host of #SuitUP Podcast for his production company 528 Media Group, and a contributing writer and host of the Radical Inspiration Podcast distributed through Wanderlust/Yoganonymous. Mr. Pope has over 200+ appearances on air, including international television on BBC and Al Jazeera English; national television on Fox News Channel, HLN, NBC Nightly News, Al Jazeera America, WGN Morning News, Fox Business Channel, and Huff Post Live; Top 3 Local Media Markets on Fox, CBS, and NBC; international radio on BBC Radio; national radio on ESPN Radio, Clear Channel Radio, NBC Sports Radio, CBS Sports Radio; written and contributed digitally to The Hollywood Reporter, CNBC, Huffington Post, Jet, and Black Enterprise; and has appeared in other media outlets nationally and internationally. Mr. Pope is represented by top media and literary agency RLR Associates.

© 2016, Exavier B. Pope I, Esq., 528 Media Group.

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