#SuitUP Podcast: Season 2 – Ep. 2

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#BestDressedManOnTV is back for Season 2 Premiere of #SuitUP Podcast.

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#SuitUP is a news magazine and variety program that covers the business, law, politics, and wider societal perspectives behind sports delivered with music, style, and culture. We cover the suits off the field about the guys who suit up on the field, to the suits in the boxes. We bring the heat and we slice it like deli meat!

#SuitUP Podcast airs on exavierpope.com and The Best Dressed Podcast Network on iTunes and ACast.


Rodgers ESPN

Aaron Rodgers opened up in an exclusive interview with ESPN’s Mina Kimes for a cover story for ESPN Magazine. (Photo: Randall Savin/ESPN)

Why we should thank Aaron Rodgers for exposing fans true intent about Colin Kaepernick (Start PLAY from beginning)

Exavier opens #SuitUP Podcast with a explosive epiphany on the utter hypocrisy shown by fans in their silence on Aaron Rodgers ability to support African American players speaking out on social injustice versus vocal displeasure of the African American athletes themselves.


brehanna daniels pic

Brehanna Daniels is become the first African American woman to pit at NASCAR. She was a tire changer for Mike Harmon’s car in Dover, MD earlier this summer. (Photo: Phil Cavali)

How Brehanna Daniels blazing trails as the first African American woman to pit at NASCAR (Start PLAY at 24:10)

Exavier is joined by Brehanna Daniels, the first African American woman tire changer for NASCAR. Brehanna discusses being open to a sport she had limited exposure to as a college basketball player to make history, and how she used her athleticism to answer the call of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program.


Maritza McClendon was the first woman of color to make the US Olympic swim team, capturing a silver medal in 2004. (Photo: Maritza McClendon)

How groundbreaking Olympic swimmer Martiza McClendon found her proper place in history   (Start PLAY at 36:10)

Exavier interviews US Olympic Silver Medalist Maritza McClendon on how her life’s journey took her from scoliosis as a child to the first woman of color to make an Olympic swim team, to feeling her accomplishments were forgotten, to finally having her legacy vindicated and validated by her life’s work in water safety and influencing the next generation of swimmers.


45s pic

The Houston Colt 45s Jim Pendleton hits a pitch against the Chicago Cubs April 10, 1962 as part of the 45s National League franchise debuting 11-2 victory over the Cubs before 25,271 at Colt Stadium. (Photo: Houston Chronicle)

Harvey Hope: Why we should be rooting for the Houston Astros to win the World Series (Play at 1:00:04)

Exavier delivers a clear closing argument on why residents of Houston deserve a World Series ring for their Astros.

 #SuitUP Playlist

#SuitUP Podcast playlist is a hotness infusion, always weaving the topics at hand with the theme and subject matter of the show and each segment. This week’s playlist:

Cardi B –   Bodak Yellow
Jay Z – Public Service Announcement
Migos– Call Casting
Little Brother – Speed
Kodak Black – Water
Ugly God – Water
Public Enemy – Shut ‘Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)
Rick Ross (featuring John Legend) – Magnificent (regular outro)
The Roots –Do You Want More?!!!??!  (Regular Post Credits)

Disclaimer: (All opinions expressed by #SuitUP guests are theirs solely and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Exavier B. Pope I, Esq., #SuitUP Podcast, #BestDressePodcast Network, or 528 Media Group.)

Exavier B. Pope I, Esq. is an award-winning attorney, on-air legal analyst, media personality, Fortune 500 speaker, content creator, writer, tastemaker, thought leader, and licensed yoga instructor. Mr. Pope is the host of #SuitUP Podcast for his production company 528 Media Group and has appeared on and has contributed to Vox.com, CNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera English, Fox News Channel, HLN, NBC Nightly News, WGN, Fox Business Channel, ESPN, Clear Channel, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Huffington Post, Jet, and Black Enterprise. Mr. Pope is represented by top media and literary agency RLR Associates.

© 2016, Exavier B. Pope I, Esq., 528 Media Group.

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