528 Media Group

528log0 Our story:
528 Media is a media content creation, casting, booking, production, and loan out company for on air talent and speakers.

We started out as a business vehicle for on air legal analyst and host Exavier Pope to book on air appearances and speaking engagements all over the world in 2011.

Since then, we’ve realized were actually quite good at getting top talent on television and speaking to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve accomplish so much in just 4 plus years. Our goal is to be one of top destinations to develop and distribute high quality entertainment on screen and to provide audiences with inspired speakers that impact individual and organization change.

Since then our talent has appeared:

Al Jazeera English

NBC Nightly News
Fox News Channel
Al Jazeera America
Fox Business Channel
WGN Superstation
Huff Post Live

Regionally in Top 3 Markets

ESPN Radio
NBC Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio


Speaking and Peak Performance Strategy
British Petroleum
University of Illinois
Commencement addresses
Conferences globally

We have created a radio show, a television show, and are continuing to develop dynamic media content for top media companies and networks including documentaries, scripted, and non scripted docudrama.

We’re fullfilling dreams!

Contact booking@thepopefirmpc.com for more information.

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