#SuitUP Podcast

“Sports is a business. Let’s talk about it.”

The #SuitUP Podcast is a news magazine and variety program exploring the business, law, and wider societal issues associated with sports mixed with music, style, culture, and inspiring sports stories.

We cover the suits off the field for that guys who suit up on the field, to the suits in the boxes. We bring the heat and we slice it like deli meat!

#SuitUP Podcast is hosted by the #BestDressedManonTV.

#SuitUP Podcast: Season 2 – Ep. 1

Fans CTE hypocrisy, LeBron economic impact on Cleveland minimal, Ray Lewis loses Baltimore’s hearts over Kaepernick, #NoConfederate, Bruno Mars collaborator Saint Cassius debuts Kaepernick inspired single, and why no one should watch McGregor vs Mayweather.