Why It’s Time to Grab the Flag

Lie and Buy has become the strategy to US politics, and the American public believes and purchases this new age form of democracy.Everyone admits the system is broken but shuns a third party or anyone with new ideas. So, we go along with the status quo, c...
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Exavier Pope to be Narrator in Table Read for feature film

CHICAGO, IL – The television and motion picture industry is flooding to Chicago to film in droves. Of course, one of the best to ever button up a three piece, Exavier Pope, has been invited be in on the action. Exavier will be the Narrator for the Table R...
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The Brother’s Mansion

Once upon a time there was a giant historic mansion. Beautiful, historic, a showpiece for generations. Although it was not the biggest mansion in the community, it was certainly the showiest. People were constantly entertained there, more than any home
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